Tuesday 25 July 2006

Email Willow!

Best and easiest way to email me is at:


Of course, if you have any of my email addresses, they will all get to me!





All Roads lead to Rome (and to Willow!)

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  1. Ricki McKenna Says:

    Hi Willow,

    I’m a certified nutritionist (CN) and IE with Zrii and heard last weeks’ training talk and loved it. Thank you for doing the calls and training. I love your website and would love to blog with you. [‘ve not been very successful with signing up IEs even tho I know the producvt and the whys and whats…I’m not closing and get very stuck in front of the phone. Len Farace is my upline and he’s helped, but there’s something in my way, I think it’s myself…and I”m having trouble gettin me out of the way of my success. I just discovered your sites and would love to hear the training I’ve missed and have 1 IE who is going thru the beginnings of a divorce, has done NWM before and is willling, but we both need a kick start or something. We’re signed up for hte Aug training in SLC. Would love to connect with you before and when we’re there. Thanks for all you do. Hope we can talk soon. Ricki McKenna

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