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More from The Band

The Band is Back! Join me for another glimpse into the spiritual world as I channel more from her guidance, The Band. The Band, a non-physical energy, or frequency of knowledge, provides information on many levels and topics. On this week’s show The Band and I talk about how to remain spiritually connected in a […]

Animal Messages

As promised from yesterday’s show, here are two books that you might want to consider buying in order to help you understand the messages that animals are trying to give you. Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews. This is a great book with tons of information on the symbolism of animals, birds, and reptiles. Medicine Cards, […]

What’s Next?

The phones are open! Join Willow for a peak at life beyond today and an introduction to ‘Channeling With The Band.’ Now that we’ve explored the 7 Keys to being Spiritually Connected, what’s next? What’s next for the country? The world? What’s next for you, your family, your career, your future? Tune in for the […]