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The Story or the StoryTeller?

Kurt Vonnegut, the American author, wrote a short story called, “Who Am I This Time?” about a shy and retiring man who comes alive every time he takes the lead in the town play. It’s an interesting story about how we as humans sometimes only live in the story of who we think we are. […]

Aligning with Your Soul’s Call

Robin Peglow M.A., H.H.C. (certified Holistic Health Counselor) joins me to talk about how to recognize when we are not living in sync with our soul and practical steps to move towards better alignment and greater fulfillment. When we are out of alignment, we often suffer “symptoms” such as illness, sleeplessness, sugar cravings, digestive issues, […]

Deepening Your Spiritual Connection Through Integral Coaching

Sandy Hogan, PCC, and Certified Integral Coach, joins Willow to talk about Integral Coaching – what it is, and how it can help you discover who you are and how you can live your life fully as a spiritually connected being. Sandy,, is dedicated to “evoking of others the highest in themselves” – which […]

Purpose, Passion, Path

So many people today are seeking a deeper meaning to their lives. They are asking the questions, “What is my purpose?” “What am I here for?” They are seeking answers and not knowing where to go to find them. They feel a quickening, an energetic speeding up of their lives and want to live life […]

Tricia Webster and Social Artistry

Tricia Webster is a dynamic speaker, workshop leader, coach and writer. She has 20 years experience providing leadership and team training to national and international corporations and non-profit organizations. Tricia joins me on Tuesday October 17th to talk about how her journey led her to Jean Houston and Social Artistry. Hear her exciting story and […]