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Showing Up

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending an Arizona legislature joint committee on Health where they were to determine if the Arizona Board of Homeopathic Examiners, currently in their sunset process would be allowed to continue. This was an important issue as it’s outcome would ultimately lead to a larger decision, whether or not the […]

A New Beginning

Hi Everyone! This is the beginning of a new series of posts – so that we can talk together about the things that matter. I started this blog, Spiritually Connected Living to highlight a radio show that I did during 2006 and mid 2007. I no longer have that radio show but the archived mp3’s […]

A Different Monday

How many times have you opened your eyes on Monday morning and had a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, or just felt the dread of the week to come? The only thing you want to do is pull the covers back over your head and wake up when it’s Friday. What would […]

The Story or the StoryTeller?

Kurt Vonnegut, the American author, wrote a short story called, “Who Am I This Time?” about a shy and retiring man who comes alive every time he takes the lead in the town play. It’s an interesting story about how we as humans sometimes only live in the story of who we think we are. […]

The Spiritual Workplace

Join Willow on April 10th as she talks about the “Spiritual Workplace.” What does that mean? What would it look like to you? Does spirituality even belong at work? Discover ways that you can have it all – your work and your spiritual connection. You will also be lead on a guided journey as part […]