Wednesday, 7 Nov 2007

Showing Up

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending an Arizona legislature joint committee on Health where they were to determine if the Arizona Board of Homeopathic Examiners, currently in their sunset process would be allowed to continue. This was an important issue as it’s outcome would ultimately lead to a larger decision, whether or not the American Medical College of Homeopathy would exist. The Medical College is in it’s formative stages with plans to open it’s doors in 2009 if it gets legislative approval and more importantly, the backing of people who want this type of education and ultimately this type of alternative medicine. I totally support the College and the use of homepathy – it’s works!

It felt so good to be part of something I believed in, and to make that statement by being at the Committee meeting yesterday. Not an easy task – though very doable – as the state capitol buildings where the meeting was held is two and a half hours from home. The drive was of little importance though, as I was able to be in a room overflowing with others who believed as I did. We were connected, we had our intention clear – we were a voice to be heard! And heard we were. The committee unanimously voted in favor of continuing the Board for another two years!

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