Wednesday, 17 Oct 2007

A New Beginning

Hi Everyone!

This is the beginning of a new series of posts – so that we can talk together about the things that matter. I started this blog, Spiritually Connected Living to highlight a radio show that I did during 2006 and mid 2007. I no longer have that radio show but the archived mp3’s are available to you here right on this page. Listen to some of them, I think you’ll like the message and it will help as you move forward in your life.

I plan on writing about many different things: intention, integration, intuition (lots of “in’s”!), inspirations and being “in” the body. I’ll talk about meditation, hypnosis as a tool, heal and healing, and the Laws of Attraction. Spiritually Connected Living is what we strive for daily. It answers the question, “How do I get through my day with all there is to do and all there is to think about, and still have (time, energy, desire) to find that still, quiet voice inside me that helps me expand spiritually? It’s simple – sometimes not easy, but very do-able. Follow along and come back often for tips, ideas, and conversations that help you be the Spiritually Connected Human Being that you are! Namaste!

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