Fat Tuesday

Posted on Tuesday 20 February 2007

Are you celebrating Mardi Gras? Do you even know what it means? Until I looked it up on the web, I had no idea that Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. Fat Tuesday is about indulging before the days of Lent begin. And since today, February 20th, is Fat Tuesday (Happy Fat Tuesday to you!) we will indulge! Join me for a celebration of many things – our days our lives and our beliefs. As part of this Fat Tuesday, I will once again be channeling my favorite energy, The Band.

Willow @ 6:50 pm
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“They Say It’s Your Birthday…

Posted on Tuesday 13 February 2007

…It’s my birthday too, yeah!” (Lyrics from “Birthday” by Lennon/McCartney). And it is my birthday today – so today’s show is all about birthdays. How did we come to celebrate this day and what do all the traditions mean? But more important than the candles, cakes, cards and presents are how you live each day, month and year. Do you only get one birthday on the day that you were born, or can you celebrate each day as if it were your birthday – the very first day of your life? Join me as we talk about spiritually connected birthdays – how to have them, how to celebrate them and how to not get any older!

Willow @ 10:25 am
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