In Gratitude

Posted on Tuesday 21 November 2006

This Thursday is Thanksgiving – the day to give thanks. But what are we giving thanks for? Do we remember what this holiday is about, other than Pilgrims and Indians and a big feast? How does Thanksgiving apply in our lives now, other than time off from work and a day to over-eat?

And what is gratitude? The dictionary defines it as a “feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.” Join me as I explore gratitude and all that we have to be thankful for. I will give you tips to help you remember – and be grateful – today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.

Willow @ 10:20 am
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Health and Healing

Posted on Tuesday 14 November 2006

November 14th – Are we a healthier society than in days past, or are we getting sicker? Why are we sick? Are our bodies trying to tell us something? If so, how can we hear what it has to say? And how do we heal?

Join me as I explore these questions and more. Find out what you can to help heal yourself, and help heal the planet. As a special addition, I’ll channel my guides, “The Band,” as they provide a message to you all on healing.

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Purpose, Passion, Path

Posted on Wednesday 1 November 2006

So many people today are seeking a deeper meaning to their lives. They are asking the questions, “What is my purpose?” “What am I here for?” They are seeking answers and not knowing where to go to find them. They feel a quickening, an energetic speeding up of their lives and want to live life to its fullest – with purpose and passion.

Join me on Tuesday November 7th as I explore purpose, passion, and path and discuss the difference between them. I’ll provide you with a fresh insight and give you tips on how to discover your own “purpose, passion and path!”

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