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Posted on Wednesday 23 August 2006

The Band is Back! Join me for another glimpse into the spiritual world as I channel more from her guidance, The Band. The Band, a non-physical energy, or frequency of knowledge, provides information on many levels and topics. On this week’s show The Band and I talk about how to remain spiritually connected in a time of political unrest. Call in and ask The Band your own questions and hear dynamic, compassionate and insightful answers.

As a special bonus, I’ll be giving away my new, channeled e-book, “Band Notes, An Introduction to Channeling The Band.” Listen for your chance to win!

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Homeopathy with Dr. Todd Rowe

Posted on Sunday 20 August 2006

Dr. Todd Rowe joins me on August 22nd!

Explore the world of Homeopathy with Dr. Todd Rowe, Director of the Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy and President of the American Medical College of Homeopathy in Phoenix, Arizona.

Homeopathy is thought to be the fastest growing form of alternative medicine in the world today!

Find out what it is, who’s using it, and why Homeopathic medicine has the potential to transform healthcare in the United States — providing a more effective, cheaper, and safer form of healing!

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Animal Messages

Posted on Wednesday 16 August 2006

As promised from yesterday’s show, here are two books that you might want to consider buying in order to help you understand the messages that animals are trying to give you.

Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews. This is a great book with tons of information on the symbolism of animals, birds, and reptiles.

Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams. A deck of animal cards and a book to explain what the animals mean. I like to spread the cards face down every morning and select one as my “message for the day.”

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The Magical, Mystical Connection With Our Pets

Posted on Tuesday 15 August 2006

JacksonPets teach us how to live and how to love – they are our friends, our family, our companions, and our strongest allies. They are powerful mirrors for us and our world. They teach us how to let go and surrender into unconditional love. They also teach us about death and dying and the powerful connection that transcends the physical being.

Join me as I talk about the recent letting go of my faithful and beloved dog, Jackson. Share your remarkable pet stories – how your pets have touched your life and what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown because of them.

The phone lines will be open for your live calls or if you prefer, email your stories to so they may be shared on the show

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Madalyn Ward | Holistic Horsekeeping

Posted on Friday 4 August 2006

Madalyn WardJoin us for an enlightening and informative show as my guest Madalyn Ward, DVM and I explore our spiritual connection to the animal kingdom.

Author and leading voice in the field of holistic horse care for more than two decades, Dr. Ward shares her years of experience in dealing with horses in sickness and health.

“What does your horse really want?”

Discover a holistic approach to horse keeping, what makes horses happy and healthy with horse owners, and how our horses teach us about ourselves. The phones are open to ask Dr. Ward your own horse question during the show!

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